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Meet Mini Horse

I will admit that I was NOT in the best mood when I stepped off the truck here. I was shoving and nipping and chasing Sugar and the alpacas. I was a scared miniature horse back then and being pushy worked for me. I was named Big-E because I seemed bossy and full of myself. One day the bees told me something about how it was easier to attracting things you want with honey – I didn’t really listen. But the bees were right. Now, I’m part of making this farm a place of love and acceptance. Each day there are friends, and apples and lots of mud to rub into my coat. There is always a sunny day and a friend to brush the mud off the places I can’t reach. Today, I’m a horse of a different color – the old me is out to pasture - though I do like chasing the alpacas still, for fun. A little shoving once in a while is good for you.

Work with animals like Big-E and assist us with our mission of creating a happy, healthy community.

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