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My sister, Snap, and I were born near Clifton, NJ. We are Jersey kids – though my blood line says that I am a Pygmy Goat. I’m not as big as most goats – but I am fully grown with a magnificent beard. Just beyond the confines of our corral there are exotic greens growing everywhere. I can’t resist them! So, I sneak out every once in a while through any small hole in our fence and yum yum yum! It’s not long before I am lured back into our corral (they use delicious cheezy crackers to entice me back). Things aren’t so bad though. I can jump higher and farther than anyone else here. As a result, I have exclusive access to the best hay on top of the hay pile. Back in the day I dabbled in headbutting – and still enjoy a round or two with Snap or one of the sheep. But my real passion is deception – not just escaping – but nibbling on shorts, shirts and strings when people aren’t looking.

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