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Hey dude! Just so we get off on the right hoof – let me totally make it clear to you that I am an alpaca. I am NOT a Llama. Llamas spit. I would never spit! I don’t bite either. Not my thing – I’m built for the vegetarian life. Miniature horses are OK, but I would rather spend my days chilling with my best bro, Paco. I’m open to making more friends - if you have carrots I am interested in a little you and me time. But don’t try to touch me. I only let my truest friends touch my amazing chocolate coat. I mean, I only get at hair cut once a year! I ask them to leave it long on the top – because I just love it when people want to look into my eyes and they can’t find them. I think it makes me mysterious. Chicks dig that. But not chickens. They dig nothing but dirt.

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Due to an emergency, Route 15 South is temporarily closed in Jefferson. 

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