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Business Menu
Hawk Ridge Farm


I’m Paco the alpaca. I just sort of followed Hemingway here. We had some sad days once. One day we were walking together, and he said “Bro, this place is bumming me out – we need to live the Alpaca life, dude! We need fresh air to breathe and flies to annoy us – Dude, don’t fight it – let’s just get on this truck to Destination Unknown” … So here we are at the farm. Hemingway and I are like one alpaca in two bodies. I complete his sentences. We get our necks tangled up. He looks one way and I look the other. We like to play this game where we stay so close to each other that not even a fly can come between us! Neither of us like July. We are the only two here who speak Alpaca. Although we speak the same language, sometimes I don’t know what he is talking about – bro this, dude that…. I had an apple once – I dropped it – it got all dirty and I just couldn’t eat it after that.

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