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I love to sing. I sing when I see the hay each morning. I sing when someone calls my name. I’ll even sing when the sun comes up. I am 100% self-taught. Where I came from there was no time for the arts. I will not be discouraged to follow my purpose. I have heard the chickens sing – no matter what they tell each other- they aren’t very good. They can’t project like I can. I am named Richard – but you can call me Rich. I’m a sheep just in case you couldn’t figure it out. I have brown wool with a little touch of white on top. It looks like a sailor’s cap. I was named after a special human who was in the Navy. I don’t like the ocean. I don’t think I would be good in the Navy. I like to drink water. Lucky for me my wool keeps the water from getting too close to my skin. Sometimes Hilda tries to jazz up my wool with a piece of hay or a stone – I let her do it – and then I let the humans comb it out and pretend I didn’t notice.

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